The New Home Source Interview

The condo is part of the Four Seasons Private Residences, a 12-story, 59-unit project being built adjacent to Beverly Hills. Condos are priced from $2.5 million to $3.8 million, townhomes from $4 million to $7 million and tower units from $5.9 million to $17 million.

The developer, Genton Property Group in West Hollywood, Calif., broke ground in October 2015 and expects to open in 2017. The developer is not new to the luxe market. The company has completed nine major projects, including creative office and adaptive reuse, multifamily development and urban infill, and retail in Culver City, Calif.; Lathrop (south of Stockton), Calif.; Los Angeles; Sacramento, Calif.; and San Diego, Calif., and Las Vegas. Five more projects, including the Four Seasons Private Residences and all in the Greater Los Angeles area, are in the works.

New Home Source asked CEO Jonathan Genton about the project and about luxury in Los Angeles. Here’s an excerpt, edited for length and clarity. 

NHS: What’s special about Four Seasons Private Residences?

JG: It’s branded Four Seasons, but it’s not affiliated with or attached to a hotel. Its intent is to offer a higher level of service and amenities and a finer quality of property than you would find in a typical condo on top of a hotel or in it somewhere.

NHS: What services will the property offer?

JG:The level of service would mirror that of a private hotel, starting with the arrival. You come in, you have your valet, 24-hour concierge and general manager, just like you would in a hotel. You have a private chef experience, private theater experience. It’s not a white-glove, silver-dome experience, but a high-luxury experience with significant staffing.

NHS: What about technology?

JG:Our customer has money and awareness of and typically likes technology. I’m designing today for what isn’t even on the market yet. I’m designing for things that will be introduced in 90 or 120 days. I’m going to hold on to that last-minute decision as long as I can.

NHS: Tell us about the special elevator service.

JG: Typically with penthouses, you have a lock-off elevator that just takes you to the penthouse. We all like going in the elevator and seeing the “PH” on the button. The idea of a private arrival experience is of value and appreciated by everybody, so the units in our tower are all truly private elevator. It sounds easy, but it’s terribly expensive. It’s called “destination-dispatched elevator,” which is a term used by elevator companies to say, if you parked in the garage and you’re in the elevator coming up to your unit and I am in the lobby, that elevator will not stop and pick me up. It will only allow you and your guests in the elevator.

NHS: What surprised you while you were researching what people want in this market?

JG: People wanted to self-park. L.A. is a car culture. People talk a lot about their cars. They didn’t want to hand their keys to a valet. They wanted to park their car, but they wanted it to be in a garage. We adapted that by making private garages within our subterranean garage.